You’ve made it no secret when looking for your new home that you want to purchase a piece of stylish real estate. While you don’t need to be a professional interior designer to find the home of your dreams, it does help to know the vernacular of your favorite style so you can communicate your interests to your real estate agent.

With a wide variety of stylish real estate to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which style would serve you best. Learn more about the key characteristics of the most popular interior design styles, and contact Susan Thompson Real Estate today if you’re looking at stylish real estate in Denver or the Front Range.


Modern interior design and furniture is characterized by simplicity, clean lines, and a simple color palette. The style often incorporates different materials like metal, glass, and steel. Modern style is minimal, lacks any sort of clutter, and is notably sleek.


While it may be confusing that “modern” and “contemporary” interior design styles could be different, they, in fact, are. Contemporary style is fluid and changes with the time period. While contemporary style often includes many characteristics of modern style, like clean lines and a basic color palette, it also incorporates current trends, like a vibrant accent color or intricate patterns.


Traditional interior design style, as the name suggests, is characterized by a more traditional, European-inspired aesthetic. Accessories feature classic patterns, furniture is more intricately carved and luxurious, and the style embraces more decoration. Traditional style incorporates dark wood finishes, rich color palettes, and fine materials.


An incredibly popular interior design style, transitional style borrows characteristics from both traditional and modern design. This is a great option for many people who don’t like to stick to the rules of one style too strictly.

Transitional style creates a great sense of balance in a space by incorporating modern touches, like glass or metal furnishings, with more traditional accessories, like luxurious fabrics and plush pillows. This style also features a neutral color palette to reinforce the sense of balance and calm between two contrasting styles.

French Country

If you enjoy warmer colors and intricately carved wooden furniture, the French Country style could be perfect for you. This style is characterized by curving lines and detailed ornamentation. Colors like red, yellow, and gold are popular with this style, as well as materials like stone, brick, and heavy fabrics.


The industrial style is inspired by warehouses and urban architecture. There’s a sense of rawness and unfinished look, like exposed ductwork, support beams, and brick. Furniture in the industrial style is functional more than anything and doesn’t take up incredible amounts of space.

The color scheme of industrial style is mostly neutral, relying on the colors of the elements in the space, like metal and wood. It is not uncommon for the industrial style to incorporate abstract artwork though, as it adds a focal piece to the space.


This style is popular for its ability to bring the outdoors inside the home. Stylish real estate often incorporates the rustic look with unfinished-looking features, like reclaimed hardwood floors, exposed stone or brick, and wood beam ceilings. Wicker and woven materials are popular elements of furniture and decoration.


Inspired by beachside homes, the coastal style incorporates elements of the sky, sand, and sea. Furniture is usually light in color, with accents of blues and greens. White painted wood, large windows, and plush pillows and accessories are common elements of the coastal style.

Colorado may be in the middle of the country, by the coastal style is a great way to bring the beach to you in a landlocked state.


Free spirits have a style, and it’s called “Bohemian.” In interior design, there aren’t many rules for this style, making it more eclectic and up to personal taste. It’s generally characterized by brighter, vibrant colors; intricate patterns on furniture and accessories; and mixes as many styles as you see fit.

If you’re looking for stylish real estate in Denver or the Front Range, there are a variety of styles that each home could have. While many homes are staged, it’s important to look past those items and notice things like color, material, and framework. This will help you decide if a home would be a good fit for your style.

Find the home of your dreams that fits your personal style. Contact Susan Thompson Real Estate to gain access to the most stylish real estate for sale on the Front Range.